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Produce Like a Pro’s Full Band Recording Setup at Hybrid Studios

Orange County, CA (March 29th, 2016) Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, James Blunt, The Fray) was recently in studio with Robert Jon & The Wreck to track their new album “Good Life Pie” with Hybrid Studios’ Brennan Edmondson and Josh Brooks. The album is slated for an early-summer release and is the second full-length album from Robert Jon & The Wreck.

During the week-long session at Hybrid, Warren provided a peek behind the scenes on his popular web series “Produce Like a Pro.” Check out his impressive full band recording setup – outboard gear, microphones, mic placement, and more in the video below!

Keep an eye out for future episodes of Produce Like a Pro with Warren Huart and “Good Life Pie” coming soon!

Click here to watch the video.

For more information about Hybrid Studios or Produce Like A Pro, please visit http://www.HybridStudiosCa.com or http://www.ProduceLikeAPro.com.


About Hybrid Studios

Hybrid Studios is fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

About Produce Like A Pro

Warren Huart is the founder of Produce Like A Pro. He started Produce Like A Pro to help people make great music in any way that he can. Warren wanted to demystify the recording process and show that there really isn’t a difference between the “professionals” and home recordists. If you are talented, have a passion for music, and work hard you can make great recordings and have a successful career in the music industry. The key is to always be open to learning new things. Even after working in the recording industry for over 20 years, he’ll still learn something new nearly every day when he’s making records.  Recording is an ongoing learning process and many times Warren will learn as much from beginners as they learn from him!

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Small Town Titans digital single “We Owe You the Truth” out now


DETROIT, Mich. – 3THIRTEEN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has signed an exclusive U.S. distribution deal with eOne, the largest independent music and video distributor in North America. Already a preeminent booking agency specializing in rock and metal, 3THIRTEEN’s first label signing, Pa. hard rock outfit, Small Town Titans, has released a new single, “We Owe You the Truth,” today on iTunes at: https://itun.es/us/xyp98.


“3THIRTEEN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is very excited to have the opportunity to offer such a great platform for our artists,” said 3THIRTEEN founder, Ryan Darnell. “I am thrilled to have Small Town Titans join the 3THIRTEEN family and look forward to working with the guys on releasing some great music.”


Added Small Town Titans bassist/vocalist, Phil Freeman: “We are looking forward to getting this song that we’ve been cooking in the woods of Pennsylvania out to the masses this summer, and Ryan Darnell is an excellent guy to spearhead the operation. The fact that we are one of the first 3THIRTEEN bands being distributed by the agency is exciting. The timing for all of this couldn’t be better considering that the release is in the middle of our first national tour and that the single drops on the 24th, a wildly lucky number for this band.”


The official “We Owe You the Truth” music video can be streamed on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/rICrjR2o3Es.
A band that has played over 250 shows since 2011 and shared the stage with acts such as Pop Evil, Black Stone Cherry, Saving Abel, Otherwise, Nonpoint, Foxy Shazam and more, Small Town Titans is currently in the midst of a summer tour with Artifas. A full list of confirmed dates can be seen below.



Stay tuned for more information on 3THIRTEEN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and Small Town Titans.


7/28 – Hagerstown, MD @ Hard Times Cafe and Cue

7/30 – Akron, OH @ The Empire Concert Club & Bar

8/01 – Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Live Music Factory




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Advertise and Promote Your Music Business Free

infoAdAdAs a music business professional, you can advertise and promote your music business on theMusicBiz.org for free. As long as the content is helpful to our readers topics can range from song-writing, recording, instruments and gear.

The better your advertisement, the more we can help with your business. We call them Info Ads. Click here for more information.

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Steve Rennie, Renman Music & Business Launch “Renman U”


Introductory video posted on YouTube; enroll today!

LOS ANGELES – Renman Music & Business, the music industry mentoring website founded by longtime industry veteran, Steve Rennie (aka “Renman”), has launched Renman U, an online course designed to be “an insider’s guide to today’s music business,” at: www.renmanu.com. For a $99.99 enrollment fee, Renman U students will receive an interactive set of online video lessons designed to teach aspiring artists and music business professionals what it takes to succeed in the music industry – everything from making music, to music publishing, record labels, touring, building a professional team, marketing and promoting your music and understanding the key points in band agreements, record deals, publishing deals, management contracts and more. Course lessons are based on Rennie’s more than 36 years of experience at the highest levels in the business, and will include quizzes, written exams and more. An introductory Renman U video can be seen on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/Q-GQyl5zNk8.

“This course is for any person who aspires to a career in the music business as an artist or a music professional. I’m going to explain, in a practical way, all the key areas of today’s music business,” said Rennie.

“When I started out, I was fortunate to have met some great mentors along the way – people who had been ‘doing’ for a long time – and they helped me fast track my learning; I’m going to do the same for you.”

Over the last 36 years, Renman Music & Business mastermind, Steve Rennie, has become one of the most successful and respected professionals in today’s music business. He has amassed a broad swath of experience as a concert promoter (Sr. VP Avalon Attractions now Live Nation 1984-1990), record company executive (Sr. VP GM Epic Records 1994-1998), internet entrepreneur (ArtistDirect 1998-2000) and artist manager (Incubus 1998-2014). Now, he is dedicating himself to mentoring this next generation of artists and music pros who will shape the music industry of the future.

In 2012, Rennie founded Renman Music & Business: http://www.renmanmb.com, an online education portal for the music industry featuring a YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/renmanmb with over 500 video clips with tips from industry pros, a web show, Renman Livehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaCGuUBKBfsuEGSchAEyI9fFuMXzJVuun, which has livestreamed over 100 episodes so far, and more. Renman’s no-nonsense approach empowers artists to smash through the barriers and do what he hopes they will do: “Dream It. Do It.”

Keep up with Renman Music & Business on the new Renman MB app for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/renman-music-business/id912847478?ls=1&mt=8 and Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beachfrontmedia.renmanmusicandbusiness and online at: www.renmanmb.com.

For more information, please contact Fresno Media — News@fresnomediausa.com

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FISHINABOX: Taiji Cove an Environmental Documentary performed in DUBSTEP

TAIJI COVE coverThis month has seen a massive amount of political music hitting the subculture scene across the pond. The most attention grabbing being TAIJI COVE due for release in February by Fishinabox Records.

This album blows the lid off the Japanese Dolphin and Whale-hunting scams and has become a hot ticket in a number of London protests against Japan. We got hold of a spokesman at FISHINABOX who admitted the Album had been leaked early to demonstrators and organisations working to bring an end to the Japanese Dolphin and Whale business.

The Album was heard in the very heart of London Oxford Street, China Town, Trafalgar Square being played by protesters on portable speakers by our MusicBiz reporter.

A large number of supporters on the Jan 17th Demonstration were seen wearing the Album logo’s, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in the hit TV series Game of Thrones was spotted holding a FISHINABOX T Shirt in Trafalgar Square among other up and coming environmentalists and protesters.

TAIJI COVE VALANTINES DISC black CMYKWe caught up with Andie Handei Kumafaro, Horn and Keyboard player for the underground label in Trafalgar Square. He declined a full interview with the Music Biz over the Album Project but commented “The most part of what we do is really just about spreading the message. As a music collective we try to stay anonymous and in the shadows where we belong when compared to the issues at hand. let the album speak for itself, if you are looking for speakers then real credit on this should lie with those representing the organizing Charities and Ric O’Barry’s work, Will Travers for the Born Free Foundation and Dominic Dyer for Care for the Wild who have really clarified the issues here today”.

FISHINABOX had held up release of the Album commercially for over a month to allow it for unlimited download, sharing and use in Demonstration actions by protesters. The protests, from the FISHINABOX Website schedule, should complete within the next couple of weeks.

Look out for this mind blowing release from FISHINABOX Mid February, raw but definitely worth a look, The Music Biz rate’s this Album rating 8/10

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The most important Music Album probing the impact of the Syrian War cut to date.

Message in the Sand FISHINABOX INTELLECTUSis this Fall’s Big release from FISHINABOX is possibly the most important Music Album probing the impact of the Syrian War cut to date.

Check it out at:


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FISHINABOX SOLD Full Album Review:


Reviewed by theMusicBiz.org June 25, 2014

When we checked this Artist / Indy Label out as a Fusion artist, we were blown away by the complexity of sounds that were being cut. This is a colour-fest of Jazz / Electronic / Tribal Fusion. Fishinabox use a combination of original instrumentation, Trumpet, Saxophone, Hang Drum and Tycoon African and Asian Percussion Drums and blends that in a candy crush with the hip hop Electro classic standards of the 80’s of a set of technics 1210, Yamaha DX7, along with a complex studio midi sound set up running through Ableton. On top of this there is the Artists background as a linguist, the transitioning factor here is, yes, a lot of language play, whether by use of foreign languages or by word play slang and double meaning the message in the song often goes deeper than it first appears.

OK so a couple of Albums are out on CD and a wash of tracks on digital. We chose to review the “British Jazz Punk” Album SOLD which builds its story around the London “Cockney” (East London Street / Ghetto Culture from London) Club and pub dating circuit.  A Funk ‘n’ Punk Fusion n Roots, Jazz and Tribal Roller-coaster ride into the Fallacy of the Romantic Dream

So what is Sold? (S – Social / O – Obscenity / L – Love / D – Dependency)

From the Album Back Cover: The thing that defines the time we live in is That everything has been “SOLD” not just industry, jobs, futures and the ground we stand on,. More fundamental: The cultural commercial obsession with Profiteering also filters down to the very fabric of Society and our expectations at all levels.  Essentially right down to our very Heart Body and Soul..

Have you Ever reflected on the “Romantic Dream” everything from Disney to Bollywood, Mills and Boon and the eternal digest of pulp romance…? Do you ever feel like you have been cheated on the dream ? SOLD is the marker for our Time ,. Everything has been sold , including you. Follow our parody of characters, the Overseas Chinese, The East End Thugs, club and Pub hip huggers, The sweet ebony opportunists, the reflective, solitary standing, the romantics and the Domestically Mistreated and through those threads ask yourself if Everything about YOU and Your personal relationships has been SOLD ?

The Audition (The Brush Off).

This is really off the wall, A key clashing Chaotic Roller Coaster designed to excite and agitate. It’s paced, heavy on the baseline and really creates masses of tension, the kind that you feel jumping off a NY three story lock up roof into rush hour traffic below, It has a funny back sorry basically of young girls auditioning in Media and being “brushed off”.The girls play on the “brush off” every way they can to secure the role. It’s all tied up in the classic Brit Cockney Accent and Language.

The track was heavily supported by Penny Rimbaud of CRASS who signed up some of his creativity form the Crass Agenda back catalogue to provide the pace and tension to the track. The horns do the rest. Overall it’s a loosely a jazz funk track driven by Trumpet and Baseline. Paced; unexpected, at times orally challenging in its expression of the Key Clash phenomenon, but overall a breath of fresh air and very enjoyable.

Sweet Ebony Perfection

This opens as a Drum and Bass track, but as soon as you get used to that, it breaks down into a slower funkier baseline and rhythm. The gem on his track is the Lyrics that bounce around a guy at Dinner with a date who slips out to the restroom and his roving eye catches a girl at the next table. It’s all tongue in cheek but highlights issues of reliability and commitment in couples. Musically it is once again driven by Bass and Horn section so we say Jazz Funk, but not in any way we have come across previously. Perhaps an element of DJ Krush meets Ronny Jordan Overall verdict – Like we said earlier (SOLD)

Bamboo Sticks

In this track we get to a mood modulation, amazingly it works,  The story board follows a Chinese girl suffering from insomnia at night waking on and off and checking on her partner as they “sleep bare backed under the moonlight” and pondering on her relationship. There is a constant play on the staple Chinese symbolism of Bamboo (Moral, upstanding, virtuous, reliable) and the sleeping, at some points, dreaming girl analyses her relationship with the way Bamboo grows; fast and strong, binding together, ever upwards, but with shallow roots. The impact of that shallowness being likened to the distance that comes between couples as the slowly lose focus on each other, separate and become more independent until harvested, dried and laid and ever hardening tightening bamboo sticks on the lattice mat.

It is a strange track but insidiously hypnotic and captivating when you walk through the musical mood changes and the lyric sheets. Look out for the key clashing downward cascading dream section. It’s not your regular beat fix.

Weeping Angel

The electronics come to the forefront on this track, a sudo-religious walk into the cult of sexual objectification on a back drop of Cockney comical arguments DJ Skyaaz jumps onto the track in a big way with some strong scratch solos on the technics 1210’s the base line after the into is a fast paced electro beast fest You need to check out the cockney blog on the rhyming slang if you are not familiar with London UK East End slang. The use of the classic cockney street talk makes a welcome break from the usual rap ranting’s of the commercial radio channels. Overall this may well be our favourite track on the Album. It ups the tempo. There is some controversial content in this track which along with Sold the Operetta, got the Album Tipper stickered for explicit content. It’s clever, subtle and not offensive in the traditional west coast way, our verdict is, it adds depth to the characters as they walk through there issues.

SOLD (The Operetta)

Operetta is a lose term here but it does satisfy musically the criteria for such a piece – “a short opera around 10 minutes long, usually on a social or comically social theme and typically having spoken dialogue and exchange”.

The content of the track builds on Weeping Angel, we plunge further into the Cockney relationship story and flood the track with slang sung story and dialogues,

There is an added element of fun which extends off record through the cockney blog website where you can also rate the Rhyming Slang as Classic Cockney / Mockney or Modern. You can Rate it by hovering over the highlighted slang in the lyrics.



FISHINABOX tells us this is “Jazz-punk” it satisfies both criteria, there’s a lot musically along with a flood of new and bespoke instrumentation, metal pipes, wind pipes, a percussion fest of rhythm. Its fast it’s heavy and once again driven by bass and Horn section. There are a number of vocalists on here but it also features Tina T another London based Soul vocalist famed for being a staple supporting act for classic soul bands such as the Pointer sisters, Alexander O’Neil and Gwen Dickie (of Rose Royce fame) and often seen heading up the Billy Ocean Band.

It’s a long track to keep the interest and pace throughout, but it’s there, it’s a baseline powerhouse all the way. Enter Penny Rimbaud of CRASS once again on the Lyrics team to increase the tension through the track giving the song a style that strips the wallpaper of the recording studio walls. It’s Fun, Its fast but there is a message here too. The best review for this track is actually the song itself. Get it, listen to it and you will join the SOLD journey.

SOLD (Dubstep)

We didn’t review this track as it’s a BONUS TRACK on the CD release only, not on the Digital Release. We got a statement from FISHINABOX on the track who said “It’s basically a Dubstep hard house remix of SOLD for the trip hop dance market,. Is just as hard but its more about the beats and baselines that the story”

The Dubstep Remix is available as a single also on Download


This track highlights the Tank Drum and Hang Drum. FISHINABOX tell us that Chase at the drum makers “Tank Drum” wrote the composition here for the Tank Drum score and it was then built on at FISHINABOX studios as a soundscape for a poem called “Pictures of You”. The Poem was written about a dancer/ go go showgirl who passed away, a real life “Grizabella the Glamour Cat” and in passing left only an old tattered photo to remember her by. The Album actually carries a dedication to the dancer.

The music itself is haunting and disturbing once you are aware of the story board behind it. The hang Drum has a vibrating metallic resonance that adds an unbelievable depth of emotion into the piece over and above the poetry. Hang Drum, Tank Drums are pretty new cutting edge sound and one really worth investigating further. This Album lets the listener experience the instrumentation in a modern musical context. Basically it makes the instrument highly accessible.


The cinema graphic Soundscape world of Bamboo Sticks returns in Papillion. It’s a track that follows a woman’s awakening from a dysfunctional relationship. She visualises herself as a butterfly breaking out of the cocoon , spreading her wings and flying into the sunrise. Poetic, (but then the whole album plays on words and language). We forgot to mention this track is completely in Mandarin Chinese (As is Home and Bamboo Sticks). The soundscape is once again soul searching but back with paced percussions lines. It is tense but hypnotic.

The song focuses on spinning around and around the rebirthing experience, this waking from darkness into the light. And in hearing it we found ourselves awakening too., Its powerful stuff, somewhat moody but definitely awakening


Enter the Didgeridoo,. It’s all over this track adding a massive weight to the baseline supported with another soundscape and hang and tank drum once again the mood continues with the mystic but in this case the story board is a girl travelling home in London on the night bus during a storm with a prowlers shadow following her from bus to door. The fear factor gives way and she thinks of calming thoughts of home and going home to settle herself from the night. As the song progresses we lose ourselves in her dreaming cathartic thoughts.

Musically it’s the same recipe as Papillion, heavy bass feed, percussion soundscape of instrumentation and the old Mandarin lyrics tripping along to lay out the story line. Once again an accessible opening to tank and hang drum and very heavily tribal punch behind the melodies.

Last Orders

This is an over the edge track to bind up and close out the Album. Stunt Drummer Chip Ritter put down the opening Drum solo on this track and it sets the pace. The story board puts this in an east end pub on a live band night where the drunken pub life that was hinted at in SOLD the Operetta hang off each other to varying degrees or drunkenness and undress demanding an encore from the band. The energy that comes of this track is mind blowing.  Once again there’s nothing like it though musically it’s a jazz scat track. Its comical its faced it’s a beat-fest. Quite frankly a fantastic close to an extremely challenging and unexpected musical experience

How do we rate SOLD the Album:

Visit FISHINABOX at www.fishinaboxrecords.com

4 /5 Stars – it has got a lot to it for sure. Possibly too much to digest in one sitting,  in our books that ‘s a good thing and keep s the interest fresh.

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