FISHINABOX: Taiji Cove an Environmental Documentary performed in DUBSTEP

TAIJI COVE coverThis month has seen a massive amount of political music hitting the subculture scene across the pond. The most attention grabbing being TAIJI COVE due for release in February by Fishinabox Records.

This album blows the lid off the Japanese Dolphin and Whale-hunting scams and has become a hot ticket in a number of London protests against Japan. We got hold of a spokesman at FISHINABOX who admitted the Album had been leaked early to demonstrators and organisations working to bring an end to the Japanese Dolphin and Whale business.

The Album was heard in the very heart of London Oxford Street, China Town, Trafalgar Square being played by protesters on portable speakers by our MusicBiz reporter.

A large number of supporters on the Jan 17th Demonstration were seen wearing the Album logo’s, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in the hit TV series Game of Thrones was spotted holding a FISHINABOX T Shirt in Trafalgar Square among other up and coming environmentalists and protesters.

TAIJI COVE VALANTINES DISC black CMYKWe caught up with Andie Handei Kumafaro, Horn and Keyboard player for the underground label in Trafalgar Square. He declined a full interview with the Music Biz over the Album Project but commented “The most part of what we do is really just about spreading the message. As a music collective we try to stay anonymous and in the shadows where we belong when compared to the issues at hand. let the album speak for itself, if you are looking for speakers then real credit on this should lie with those representing the organizing Charities and Ric O’Barry’s work, Will Travers for the Born Free Foundation and Dominic Dyer for Care for the Wild who have really clarified the issues here today”.

FISHINABOX had held up release of the Album commercially for over a month to allow it for unlimited download, sharing and use in Demonstration actions by protesters. The protests, from the FISHINABOX Website schedule, should complete within the next couple of weeks.

Look out for this mind blowing release from FISHINABOX Mid February, raw but definitely worth a look, The Music Biz rate’s this Album rating 8/10

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FISHINABOX: Taiji Cove an Environmental Documentary performed in DUBSTEP, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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